What’s the Best Stone Choice for Your Home

Marble, Limestone, Slate or Granite Restoration in the Bay Area

Natural stones can transform your home, whether you use granite, marble, limestone, or slate. Choosing stone for a floor offers many benefits. Natural stones won’t warp from humidity. Marble and granite come in neutral colors that will give your home an elegant look for years to come. But it’s important to carefully consider the look you want, because it is an investment. You also need to know how to take care of the stone to avoid needing restoration in the Bay Area.


Marble is probably the most luxurious stone, but it does come with a higher price tag. It’s great in the bathroom, because it can withstand the humidity. However, it does need to be sealed to avoid staining. Acidic liquids can damage it in the kitchen. Marble can also be slippery when wet.


Granite comes in many colors and textures. It’s a great natural stone for almost any room, especially high-traffic rooms like the kitchen or a hallway. Granite dulls over time, but it is easy to take care of. Use a mild soap and water for regular cleaning. Don’t let water sit on the granite, because it will discolor it. Resealing the granite every one to two years can keep it looking great. If you can’t get it polished to your specifications, contact a pro for granite restoration in the Bay Area.


Slate is an affordable choice when you’re looking for a natural stone flooring. It works well in high-traffic areas or wet areas, but you do need to clean up spills, especially acidic materials, quickly. You can find slate in a variety of styles, from simple to elegant. If you’re considering underfloor heating in the bathroom, slate is an excellent choice because it’s a natural heat conductor.


Many homes use limestone for walls and floors for a rustic appearance. It comes in a wide range of neutral shades from white to a warm honey, gray to dark brown. Different textures can give you the look you want. It’s easy to clean. Use warm water and a mild stone cleaner. Limestone is durable and slip-resistant, but it can be stained if it isn’t sealed.

Stone Restoration in the Bay Area

Don’t panic if your natural stone isn’t looking as elegant as you want. Contact us for stone restoration including marble restoration in the Bay Area.