Water proofing. Bay Area and Reno. Granite, limestone, marble, slate, terrazzo, travertine.

Services & Products

Stone Waterproofing, Care & Sealing Dependability

We have earned a reputation for quality work and excellent customer service by using high-quality materials installed per Manufacturer Specifications, by utilizing a rigorous training program for our applicators, by adhering to builder’s schedules, and by standing behind our work. Fully licensed and locally-owned, we earn our reputation one Customer at a time.

Serving the SF Bay Area and Reno NV

Stone Care Services:

  • Stone Restoration and Preservation
  • Scratch and Stain Removal
  • Lippage Removal
  • Cleaning
  • Building Cleaning
  • Sealing
  • Color Enhancer
  • Caulking and Sealants

Stone waterproofing, Bay Area, Renoworkers- stone stain removal

Renaissance Stone Care & Waterproofing also stocks and sells
Century-Line Sleeves and Link-Seals.

Stone Types We Seal and Care For

  • granite care
  • limestone care
  • marble care
  • slate care
  • terrazzo care
  • travertine care

Waterproofing Services:

  • Below grade waterproofing
    • Below Slab
    • In water table waterproofing
    • Blind Side
  • Stone Walls
    • Site
    • Retaining
    • Basement
  • Stone Decks
    • Pedestrian and walking
    • Decks to be tiled
    • Vehicular Traffic coating systems
  • Garden Roofs
    • Green Roofs/Living Roofs
  • Podiums
  • Plaza and Planters
  • Shot Crete
  • Shower Pans
  • Door and Window Prep
  • Caulking and Sealants
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Water stops
  • Vapor Barriers
  • Vapor Suppression
  • Water Features and Ponds
  • Injection grout and Epoxy
  • Leak Repair