Cleaning and Restoring Granite Countertops

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A granite countertop is an investment in your kitchen and home. It’s a durable material that is heat resistant and has antibacterial properties, as well as being elegant and timeless. Although granite is a sturdy material, you do have to know how to take care of it. It can get dull and stained without regular care and may require granite restoration.

Granite Care & Granite Restoration

Daily Granite Care

When you clean your granite each day, you can use a gentle soap and water or a pH neutral cleaner for regular granite care. You don’t need to use chemicals or harsh cleansers. Don’t use a lot of water, because water left on the granite can discolor it. Wipe up any spills quickly. Use a microfiber cloth to dry your granite after wiping off any dirt and water.

Granite Stain Removal

No matter how careful you are, you may still end up with a stain on your granite. Granite stain removal requires that you avoid using acidic or alkali cleansers on your granite, regardless of how tough the stain is. Try a solution of 50/50 isopropyl alcohol and water on the stain. You can wet a paper towel with the solution and leave it on the stain for O5 to 10 minutes. If that doesn’t work, use a paste made of baking soda and water on the stain. Rub gently to try to remove the stain. Once you’ve removed the stain, thoroughly wash the area with warm water to remove all residue. Dry the granite to protect its surface.

When Should You Seal Your Granite?

Granite should be sealed every one to two years. You can test the sealant by spraying water on your countertop. If the water beads up, your sealant is doing its job. Dry the water off and relax. If the water doesn’t bead up, the sealant probably needs to be reapplied. You should be able to seal your granite yourself in about an hour. Just follow the directions on the sealant that you purchase.

Granite Restoration Professionals in the Bay Area

If you’ve tried polishing and resealing your granite, but it still isn’t up to your specifications, then you should seek professional assistance for refinishing and restoration. Refinishing can make your granite appear new, giving you a fresh start on taking care of your countertops. Contact the professionals at Renaissance Stone Care and Waterproofing for help restoring your granite surfaces to their original glory.