What To Do If Your Basement is Flooded

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Does Your Basement Need Waterproofing in San Jose?

Water. It can be a beautiful, life-giving thing, and a problem. On the problem side, insurance industry research indicates that 14,000 Americans experience some type of water damage emergency at home or work each day, and it is estimated that 98 percent of U.S. homes will experience some type of basement water damage during their lifespan. California is the top state in the nation for water damage insurance claims.

To prevent or help remediate water damage problems, it is wise to seek professional waterproofing services in the Bay Area. 

What Can Happen If You Get Water in Your Basement

Even a small amount of water can lead to damage if left untreated. Damage can happen as fast as 24 hours. A small amount of water can warp wooden floors, stain walls and ceilings, and promote mold growth. Water can rot wood, cause electrical problems, and damage possessions. Water damage doesn’t go away by itself. It is important to address water damage problems fast and take action to prevent them. Prevention can include expert waterproofing solutions in the Bay Area. 

Signs of Basement Water Problems

Signs of basement water problems include damp basement walls, puddles of water, damp air or musty smells, evidence of mold or mildew, flaking or peeling paint, a sinking or uneven floor, or a white, chalky substance on the wall. These signs indicate a fast response is needed to fix the immediate water problems and then you can address the longer-term needs by contacting the experts who do waterproofing in San Jose. 

What To Do Immediately if Your Basement is Flooded

First, be safe. Turn off the circuit breakers to your basement and if you smell gas or your carbon monoxide alarms go off, call 911 and exit your home immediately. 

Second, document the damage and call your insurance company. 

Third, move important items to a dry area. 

Fourth, remove all wet items including furniture, bookcases, carpets, and carpet padding. 

Fourth, remove the water.  

Fifth, dry the area using fans, dehumidifiers, and dry mops. 

Sixth, clean, sanitize and deodorize everything. 

Seventh, prevent future floods which can include waterproofing your basement by choosing expert waterproofing solutions in the Bay Area. 

What to do Long-term if Your Basement Is Flooded

Secure professional waterproofing services in the Bay Area. They will clean and prepare the surfaces to be treated, plug any holes or cracks, reseal windows, doors, and window wells with caulk, and apply a waterproof coating. 

Choose The Experts for Waterproofing in San Jose and the Bay Area

Renaissance Stone Care & Waterproofing has been providing vital waterproofing services to many of the Bay Area’s and Reno’s most respected and successful builders of custom homes, residential communities, and commercial developments since 1990. We provide a wide array of professional waterproofing including, below below-grade, basements, decks, garden roofs, and much more.