Removing Stains from Limestone

Home Limestone Stain Removal and Restoration

Limestone is a popular material for walkways, patios and even walls in homes, but it does need to be cared for appropriately. Limestone is calcium based, so you can’t use acidic products to clean it. Lemon or orange juice, citric oils, or vinegars will damage the surface. In addition, limestone is porous. Harsh cleansers may damage the surface. Here’s what to know about limestone care.

Cleaning Limestone

Sweep up any dirt and debris before cleaning with soap and water. If you do use a vacuum, don’t use the spinning brush. Use the attachments to avoid scratching the surface. Mop the limestone with a mixture of warm water and pH-neutral soap to clean the surface. Choose a soft mop or microfiber cloth. Rinse the limestone with clean water. Don’t leave puddles of water on the limestone.

Limestone Stain Removal

Avoid stains by cleaning up any spills immediately. But if you do get a stain on your limestone, choose pH-neutral cleaners that are recommended for limestone or make your own cleaner. Make a paste of flour and hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture to the stain and allow it to dry. Brush off the remnants and the stain should be gone. Do not use cleansers that are abrasive or have strong acids, which will damage the limestone. Limestone stain removal companies can assist you with hard to remove stains or extensive cleaning needs.

Can You Seal Limestone?

Limestone is a natural stone that will lose its luster over time. Sealing limestone will help preserve its beautiful shine and protect its surface. To test whether your limestone’s sealant is working, pour a small amount of water on the limestone. Wait 10 minutes. If the water is absorbed into the limestone, the sealant is not doing its job. Wipe up any remaining water to avoid staining the limestone. Limestone sealer should last around three years when it’s applied properly.

Limestone Restoration

If your limestone is looking aged and worn, you can ask a professional limestone restoration company to restore the limestone to its original look. Restoring the floor or walls may be a much better option than replacing the limestone. Limestone is a timeless material that will last for years in your home, but you do need to take care of it properly.